Myspace Marquee Generator and Myspace Slide Show Generator

Create a scrolling marquee slideshow that goes above your myspace layout

This marquee generator places a marquee slide show in your layout. It's really cool, and takes away a lot of the boredom of standard layouts. Click here to see a sample slide show marquee in a myspace layout.

Follow the instructions carefully. I added some tips to make the marquee load faster and look better.

  1. Give the URLs to the images you want to put in the slide show marquee. You don't have to fill all the spots.
  2. Click the "Submit" button. Scroll down to get the code.

TIP: If you have your myspace images or myspace profile set to private, then they won't show up in this slideshow. You need to either upload your images to photobucket (preferred) or change your myspace privacy settings.

TIP: You don't have too use all the spots below. The marquee will work just as well with one image as it will with 25.

TIP: If you don't have your slideshow images on the web, putting them on the web is extremely easy. Just click here to go to Once you have them on the web, Photobucket will also give you the URL of the images that you can cut and paste into this slide show generator.

  1. Image URL:
  2. Image URL:
  3. Image URL:
  4. Image URL:
  5. Image URL:
  6. Image URL:
  7. Image URL:
  8. Image URL:
  9. Image URL:
  10. Image URL:
  11. Image URL:
  12. Image URL:
  13. Image URL:
  14. Image URL:
  15. Image URL:
  16. Image URL:
  17. Image URL:
  18. Image URL:
  19. Image URL:
  20. Image URL:
  21. Image URL:
  22. Image URL:
  23. Image URL:
  24. Image URL:
  25. Image URL:

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