Myspace Contact Table Making Tool

NOTE: This is the old version of the contact table generator. To see the newer, more user-friendly version, click here.

This page was created to give you the ability to create your own unique Myspace contact tables. To create a contact table, simply follow the instructions below. When you are finished and you want to add your contact table to your myspace profile, go to our contact table uploading tool.

  1. Edit contact table text: You can make your contact table say whatever you want. The default text is already entered.
  2. Font:
  3. Font color: The default is black. To leave the default, leave this value blank. Otherwise, you can either click on "pick" to pick a color, or enter your favorite color by name.
  4. Font size:
  5. Text decoration:
    Line through
  6. Contact table background image URL: You can give your contact table any background image you'd like. Leave blank if you are not using an image for your contact table.
    NOTE: The "http://" part of the URL is NECESSARY, and the background image won't come up if you delete it.
  7. Image repeating:
  8. Background color: If you use an image, this color goes BEHIND the image. It is only visible if the image does not cover the entire contact table. If you don't use an image, this will be the color of the contact table. The default is "White". If you prefer a different color, either click on "pick" or enter your favorite color by name.